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Restaurants and Stores

5 Organic Food Delivery Services

Individuals who enjoy organic restaurants and stores may now enjoy natural foods without leaving home. Natural food delivery service businesses make purchasing and consuming organic foods simpler than ever. Several companies are dedicated to providing quality organic food to consumers across the United States. No matter the diet preference or requirements, there are several organic food service companies to select from....(more)

Common Questions About Shopping Organic

If you have been trying to eat healthier consider shopping for your groceries at organic supermarkets. By eating organically you will not only expose your body to less toxic chemicals, but you will support greener living. If you look in your area, you will even find local restaurants that cook with organic produce and meats grown by local farms. If you are not clear on the difference between organic supermarkets and non-organic food, here are answers to a few questions that will help you gain a better understanding....(more)

5 Requirements to Classify Organic Food

Organic food is becoming more and more popular. Even regular grocery stores are now carrying organic foods. There is a process for certifying food as organic. In general, any business directly involved in food production can be certified if they meet the organic requirements. Seed suppliers, farmers, food processors, stores, and restaurants can all be certified....(more)

5 Organic Grocery Stores

More people around the United States are beginning to incorporate natural foods and products into daily life. Due to the popularity of the wholesome lifestyle, organic restaurants and stores are becoming more common. Numerous natural grocery stores have locations around America and offer a wide selection of natural food and non-food products. For those seeking organic grocery stores in the United States, there are many quality options to select....(more)


The Health Benefits of Drinking Organic Milk

Choosing which milk is right for you and your family is harder than ever these days. Soy, rice, coconut, and others have joined the cooler along side traditional dairy milk. Among these options are even more choices. You have to decide between full fat and skim milk, chocolate or strawberry, organic or non-organic. Milk has come along way from when the milkman would deliver it to your doorstep in the morning....(more)

GMO and Pesticides

The Basics of Organochlorine Pesticides

The use of pesticides in farming is widely contested. Often on large-scale farms, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides is common to promote higher yields. Organochlorine pesticides were widely used until negative health effects were discovered. This type of pesticide is man-made and long lasting....(more)

Pesticides in Your Food

People are becoming increasingly interested in how their food is treated and where it comes from. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides are genuine concerns for many people and so choosing to eat organic foods may be the healthiest way to eat. Taking time to investigate the origins of your food will turn up some very interesting facts....(more)

5 Non-GMO Verified Food Brands

For people who are concerned about genetically modified organisms (GMO) and pesticides in foods, there are numerous products that are free of these substances. The Non-GMO Project is a type of certification that informs consumers which products are free of the ingredient. Many organic and natural food manufacturers provide foods that are free of artificial colors and ingredients, as well as potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Numerous Non-GMO verified foods and brands can be found in nearly every product category....(more)

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